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I had a history of needing to “lose weight” “eat healthier” but never able to really have a plan and always left Dr visits depressed and defeated. Until I met Chad Sperry. At my first visit we talked about how to live a healthier and longer life. Optimum health is how Chad referred to it. He had some ideas on how to achieve that. I followed his suggestions and feel better, stronger and healthier than I have in years. I realize the work is on my part but the help and direction from Chad has been what I needed. I am forever grateful!! I will continue what I have learned and the supplements and medication necessary. Good to feel hope and have a plan after seeing a medical professional, Chad Sperry provided that to me.

I originally went to Randee with sleep issues. It was taking me an hour and a half to fall asleep and then I would wake up after an hour or so. I would be up from 2am-5am and then went back to sleep for an hour or two. For months, I was sleeping 2-4 hours a night. After testing my hormones and finding those off kilter, I started bio-identical progesterone and some supplements. Within a couple of months, the sleeping got better — it still took more than an hour to fall to sleep but I would stay asleep for 6 hours. After another saliva and urine test, it was discovered that the majority of my neurotransmitters were elevated. I was able to look at the test results and see that the imbalance was contributing to my sleeplessness and anxiety. (I wasn’t crazy after all!) Within a few days of taking the appropriate supplements, I was sleeping 7.5-9 hours a night. A true miracle. When working with Randee, I have found I need to approach the process with detective eyes. It may take time and tweaking, but with patience we can find the answers! I am so pleased with my experience that I have been telling anyone who will listen about what Randee can do!
T.F., age 41

Randee Miller has been a life line to me over the past five years! She has stuck with me, worked with me, given me hope when physician after physician has cast me off. Randee is truly a step above anything and anyone I have ever encountered in the line of health care. She listens. She hears. She will tell me when she doesn’t have the answer, but never leaves me without one more option to try! She is progressive! She is current, up-to-date in her practice. But there is so much more — Randee is real. I sense caring. She has even teared up — feeling my despair. She never rushes our time together, despite her business. In this day and age when people are rushed through appointments at doctor offices like an assembly line, this is a totally refreshing exception to the rule. Her very presence speaks healing. She probably doesn’t know how deeply grateful I am to have encountered her in this lifetime. I hope she feels it in my hugs. Even though I have not yet made huge progress in my particular health concerns, it is not because Randee hasn’t given it her all. She is a beautiful, precious soul who has a mission to heal, and God knows how much this world needs her. With deepest gratitude and blessing from one nurse to another who truly understands the meaning of compassion.

I have been a patient of Randee Miller’s for almost three years. My health has improved and I have more energy and feel younger than I have in years! I know this is directly due to the attention and time that Randee has given to me. I came to her totally overwhelmed with many issues, including hormone imbalance. Randee addressed those issues and helped balance my overall health with supplements, weight loss, and a holistic approach to my life. I appreciate the time that Randee gives to me and the easy, comfortable manner she offers to me. I am so excited about the “fountain of youth” that I’ve experienced. I’ve recommended Randee to my husband, other family members and
S.C., age 58

As an older, balding male, I was not much interested in seeing a “woman doctor”, especially one that my wife had picked out for me from her “research” about holistic medicine practitioners. The issue I thought I was seeing Randee for was my general fatigue. She immediately wanted to do a panel of tests. Money, I thought! I’ve never had any doctor to run tests to just get a general idea of my present state of health. Randee was not willing to guess about my fatigue until the tests came back. Delay and more money!

Surprise! She not only discovered I was low on thyroid but also testosterone. Randee explained in a 45 minute office consultation (never had such a long one), that my low hormone count was not a “natural part of aging” but needed to be improved because testosterone to a male (of any age) is a regulator of vitality. Randee wanted me to feel vitalized and re-energized. I had forgotten how that used to feel. She also aided me in losing weight and getting off the addictive Prilosec.

I’d like to write that I’ve grown several inches and have more muscle and hair. But I can write that my mind is sharper, and I have more energy for tasks. I don’t take two-hour afternoon naps anymore. Sixty six does feel pretty good, thanks to Randee
S.B., age 66

Dear Randee,

Thank you so much for helping me get to a much improved place with my health over the past 5-6 years. It truly is a gift to know that 1) you care and that 2) you have knowledge to get to the root causes. Thank you for starting your own practice so you can give the kind of care and attention you bless your patient with.


I just wanted to tell you that you are my true HERO who never gave up on me. You are an angel and I pray that you don’t ever quit. Too many people need you! Your work truly makes a difference. God Bless you & Thank You.

A. J.


Thank you so much for your care, concern and help you have given us over the years. We don’t know what we would have done without you.


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