Optimum Health Possible

I had a history of needing to “lose weight” “eat healthier” but never able to really have a plan and always left Dr visits depressed and defeated. Until I met Chad Sperry. At my first visit we talked about how to live a healthier and longer life. Optimum health is how Chad referred to it. He had some ideas on how to achieve that. I followed his suggestions and feel better, stronger and healthier than I have in years. I realize the work is on my part but the help and direction from Chad has been what I needed. I am forever grateful!! I will continue what I have learned and the supplements and medication necessary. Good to feel hope and have a plan after seeing a medical professional, Chad Sperry provided that to me.

I usually don’t put much stock in reviews.  I figure if it’s a good one the patient is getting paid to write it, and if its a bad review the patient is just a grouch.  however, I find myself wanting to share how I honestly feel about Chad Sperry my Holistic Health professional.  He is very knowledgable.  He and his office staff are very patient with me because I always have a lot of questions.  He has brought me a long way back to feeling much more healthy than most women do at 87 years old.  He did a better job than I did on my own!  I appreciate that he is up on all the latest health practices and guides me.  Any money spend on legitimate health procedures or nutrients there is well spent.
P.P, age 87

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