Have you hit a wall with your weight loss or plateaued?

We take a comprehensive in-depth look for causes holding you back from reaching your optimum weight.  These may have been overlooked and not considered in the past may include but are not limited to such things as: hormones, thyroid function, sugar-handling issues, adrenals, and gut inflammation to name a few.

  • Check blood work which may include many things not looked at or considered by traditional means
  • Search for root cause
  • Discuss and teach exercise and nutrition
  • Have different pathways so we can tailor a weight loss program to your specific needs.
  • Only use pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals but also prescribed peptides such as GLP-1 medications.

What Patients Say!

Optimum Health Possible

I had a history of needing to “lose weight” “eat healthier” but never able to really have a plan and always left Dr visits depressed and defeated. Until I met Chad Sperry. At my first visit we talked about how to live a healthier and longer life. Optimum health is how Chad referred to it. He had some ideas on how to achieve that. I followed his suggestions and feel better, stronger and healthier than I have in years. I realize the work is on my part but the help and direction from Chad has been what I needed. I am forever grateful!! I will continue what I have learned and the supplements and medication necessary. Good to feel hope and have a plan after seeing a medical professional, Chad Sperry provided that to me.