Our Pricing

We provide several pricing options to fit your personal or family needs.  We are a cash-based clinic and do not accept any insurance.  This allows us to not be constrained by time and gives us the time needed to spend with you for your healthcare.

Per-Visit Pricing

Everyone has a different level of care for their individual healthcare need.  Pay-per-visit gives you the flexibility to pay at each visit as you continue on your journey to optimum health.  Pay-per-visit does not have the additional perks that membership pricing does.

Pay-per-visit only covers the time spent with our providers in-office and does not allow for portal messaging with medical questions.  If you have medical questions for our providers you will need an individual appointment to discuss further.

Membership Pricing

Membership pricing may be a great option for families or those with more acute care needs.  After your initial visit the monthly membership includes:

    • 2 office visits per month
    • Same day appointments based on availability
    • Access to pharmaceutical grade supplements
    • 5% discount on all supplements
    • Unlimited portal texting/messaging
    • Spouse or child add-on options to the plan at a discounted rate
    • No contract on the monthly membership, 30 day cancelation notice

Monthly membership does not include weight loss (see weight loss membership).  Monthly membership billing will begin at your first follow-up appointment.

Weight-Loss Management

     Weight-Loss Management Initial Visit $200

     Fee After 1st Month $150/mo

     Nutraceutical and/or medication treatment is typically from $100-$175 for 4-6 weeks of treatment, depending on the type of medication, dosing,

     and this pricing  is subject to change.

     Weight Loss Management requires a 3-month commitment when using our weight loss services.