Complete Family Care

Functional Medicine

Total Wellness of the Body & Mind

Weight Loss Management

Nutritional IV Therapy

OnSite Testing

Aesthetics – coming soon

Our Methodology

Health History

Patient & Family History

Lab Testing and Interpetation

Blood, Saliva, Urine, Stool, Breath, Vaginal, Nasal Testing

Treatment Planning

An Agreed Plan That Fits Patient and Provider

Enhanced Therapy

Dietary Supplements, IV Therapy, Prescription Drugs, Lifestyle Changes

Filling The Nutritional Gaps

U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend five servings of fruits and vegetables daily to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals that support a healthy body and minimize disease risk.

Many Americans are too busy to eat a balanced meal, but still expect their bodies to perform, manage stress, and prevent disease – a heavy responsibility for an undernourished body.

Why Choose Us

  1. Extensive use and interpretation with multiple types of lab tests.
  2. Pharmaceutical supplements designed for specific deficiencies.
  3. Prescription drugs when necessary or more effective.
  4. History of specific supplement effectiveness and use.
  5. IV’s designed for specific illnesses when supplements or drugs aren’t effective.
  6. Patients enjoy our staff

What Patients Say:

I am so pleased with my experience that I have been telling anyone who will listen about what Randee can do!


She is progressive! She is current, up-to-date in her practice. But there is so much more — Randee is real.


I am so excited about the “fountain of youth” that I’ve experienced.


’d like to write that I’ve grown several inches and have more muscle and hair. But I can write that my mind is sharper, and I have more energy for tasks.