Welcome to Holistic Medical and Wellness Center LLC

Holistic Medical and Wellness Center LLC merging with Holistic Family Wellness treating the whole family.

At Holistic Family Wellness we see and treat a myriad of chronic conditions. Many of our patients have been through the traditional medicine route and left frustrated with limited or no successful results. Here at Holistic Family Wellness, we will give you the personalized time and attention you deserve to get to the bottom of your health concerns. We offer a comprehensive approach to medicine treating the whole person from the inside out.

We have found great success in treating conditions with natural medicine that were not treatable with Western medicine.

Through our detailed testing, we can see deficiencies in your body. Our treatment strategy is based on individualized therapies tailored to treat the underlying cause and get you feeling better. Our end objective is prevention by developing a body that effectively defends itself from illness. We welcome patients from 2 years old through adulthood for health concerns. We pride ourselves in providing affordable holistic healthcare for our patients.

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Complete Family Care

Functional Medicine

Total Wellness of the Body & Mind

Weight Loss Management

Nutritional IV Therapy

OnSite Testing

Aesthetics – coming soon