The Holistic Family Wellness Philosophy

Total Wellness of the Body and Mind through integrating traditional and natural medicine with a patient-centered care model for the entire family.

Our Promise to Our Patients

We will strive to bring you personalized health care by offering options in both Traditional Western Medicine (pharmaceuticals) and Alternative Medicine (neutraceuticals, bioidentical hormones, life-style changes, weight/food maintenance, etc.)
We’ve found great success in treating conditions with natural medicine that were not treatable with traditional medicine. With our arsenal of tests, we can see deficiencies in your body and will use a combination of pharmacy-grade vitamins, herbs and minerals, as well as pharmaceuticals.

Chad Sperry MSN, FNP
Chad Sperry MSN, FNP Nurse Practitioner
Chad and his wife, Natalie, are blessed and excited to be the new owners of Holistic, Medical & Wellness Center now doing business as Holistic Family Wellness. Chad has over 8 years experience in direct patient care. In addition to alternative medicine, his experience includes acute care, primary care, and occupational medicine. He has spent the last 2.5 years working in Integrative Medicine. He received his degree in Biology from Indiana University, then graduated Cum Laude as a Registered Nurse at Marian University. He was a registered nurse for 4 years before becoming a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner after graduating from The University of Indianapolis with his Masters Degree. He is skilled in acute and chronic disease management such as acute illnesses, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, men/women’s hormones, and DOT physicals to name a few. We are also thrilled that Randee Miller will be remaining as an active consultant for a few months to assist with the transition to the new ownership.
Randee Miller APRN, MSN, BC
Randee Miller APRN, MSN, BCConsultant
Randee Miller has more than 25 years experience as a Nurse Practitioner. In addition to alternative medicine, her experience includes OBGYN, family practice and occupational medicine. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Nursing from Indiana University and is Board Certified through American Nurses Credentialing Corporation as Adult Nurse Practitioner, seeing patients that are a minimum age of 12. She has been instructed by some of the well-known leaders in Natural Medicine including Jonathan Wright MD, Alan Gaby MD, Jacob Tietlebaum MD, and Ritchie Shoemaker MD.
Nicky is our Receptionist talking with patients on the phone and visits to our office. Her friendly and helpful personality is a welcome asset to our busy office. With her years of experience in the health care industry she understands the urgency and importance of patient concerns. She is all about helping the patients however she can.
Carole is a Medical Assistand certified though the American Association of Medical Assistants. She graduated from Harrison College with her Associates of Applied Sciences degree. She believes that continuing education is important though-out life and she loves to learn. Carole is a fun energetic person who has a passion for working with people. She believes strongly in a healthy lifestyle with a great balanced nutrition and an active lifestyle. Carole looks forward to expanding her knowledge in medicine and wellness every day.
Penelope has been a nurse for 40 years. She has specialized in phlebotomy and starting IV’s for over 30 years. Penelope is CPR certified and has worked in neurology, geriatrics, burn units, surgical ICU, as a school nurse, blood banks, and holistic medicine. Penelope began reading books on natural medicine and she became hooked. Penelope says, “That the opportunity to learn something new every day is always available in our office. Learning and growing keeps nursing fresh and creates more challenges.”

What Patients Say!

HMWC office has worked together as a team from the moment you walk in and are warmly greeted by the staff.



Huge thank you for all the kindness each of you show. I’m forever grateful to have found such helpful talented people and minds to help me take steps towards a better life.


I cannot explain how grateful I am to have found such a compassionate team of people at the Holistic Medical and Wellness Center. I’ve never had anyone sit with me and listen to my entire medical life story and take so many detailed notes. This was by far one of the best experiences I have ever had in the medical profession.