Do you have ongoing chronic symptoms such as: fatigue, joint pain, headaches, skin conditions, or difficulty concentrating ? Have you been told your lab results are normal or nothing is wrong with you? This is where Functional Medicine is different.

Functional Medicine is looking for the root causes of symptoms.  This is done by spending more time with you, listening, doing a thorough assessment and physical evaluation, and perhaps some in-office testing to help identify the root cause.  There is hope in finding the cause of your symptoms.

Bioidentical Hormone Care, Heavy Metals, GI Abnormalities, Thyroid Abnormalities, Adrenal Fatigue, Regenerative Medicine

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

Abdominal Pain


Blood Sugar Problems

Brain Fog

Chronic Backache


Difficulty Concentrating



Hormonal Imbalance

Immune Weakness

Joint Pains

Mood Swings

Sinus Congestion

Skin Conditions

We get to the root causes of these symptoms with our in-office assessments, on-site testing, and specialized lab testing not found at traditional medicine offices.