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Feel Better Look Better and Perform Better with our IV Therapy

Our Holistic IV Therapy Options:
Hydration fluids plus electrolytes, vitamins (for dehydration)
Immune booster IV * Most Popular *
Meyers Cocktail
High dose Vitamin C
Glutathione Booster
Headache IV
Phosphatidyl Choline
Hydrogen peroxide
Many others that are more specific to illness

Oxygen when getting any of the above IV’s
B12 injection either IM or subcutaneous injection

On a day-to-day basis we see and treat a myriad of chronic conditions. Many of our patients have gone through the traditional medical route for years with limited or no results. At Holistic Medical & Wellness Center of Indiana, our approach is simple. We’re here to get to the bottom of illness and treat its root cause.

We’ve found great success in treating conditions with natural medicine that were not treatable with traditional medicine.

In addition, many conditions may be treated with an integrative approach — using both traditional medicine along with natural medicine.

With our arsenal of tests, we can see deficiencies in your body and will use a combination of pharmacy-grade supplements, herbs and minerals, as well as pharmaceuticals. Our end objective is developing a body that effectively defends itself from illness. Prevention reduces the need for curing.

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